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30 x 30

The large-scale immersive environment of 30 x 30 provides a slow space for reflection, for recognition and for learning about contributions made to the built environment by women.


The exhibit explores the potential of the New Visual Archive Project, an ongoing effort to digitize the collections in order to expand the reach of the IAWA and facilitate research. 30 x 30 is not a video but has been designed as a framework, a (Max 7) script that executes the projection by retrieving stored images. This allows the exhibit to be changed and updated as collections are digitized, producing variations with relative ease.


Supporting the goals to increase awareness and record the formative history of women in architecture, the exhibit maps the range of the archive, offers a preview of the treasures within, and reminds us all of the urgency of saving collections otherwise too easily lost to time.

- Created by Paola Zellner, assistant professor of architecture

- Project Team

                      Architecture Students: Michael Bednar, Adam Burke

                      Creative Technologies Student: George Hardebeck

                      Technical Consultant: Carol Burch Brown

- Sponsored by the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) and the      Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT)



JULY 2015 & MARCH 2016

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